Local Area

Borgmester Schneiders Vej (Øverødvej)

Busstop is at Øverødvej right outside of Skovlyporten.

  • 190 Lyngby St. (via paradiskvarteret)
  • 193 Holte St./Vedbæk St.
  • 199 Holte St./Vedbæk St.

Holte St.

  • A-toget (Hillerød/Køge)
  • E-toget (Holte/Køge)

By the Highway

The following busses are available by the highway:

  • 150S
  • 300S
  • 15E

Transport time

  • DTU Lyngby (23 min Bus/Cykel)
  • KBH H (36 min Bus/Tog)
  • Holte midtpunkt (6 min Bus/Cykel)
  • Vedbæk strand (19 min Bus/Cykel)
  • Lyngby Storcenter (24 min Bus/Cykel)

Shopping Opportunities

There are mulitiple shopping opportunities nearby Skovlyporten. There is a Rema 1000 near the highway, and you’ll find Netto, Kvicklu and Irma near Holte midtpunkt.

Rema 1000 (2.8 km)

Ved Holte Midtpunkt (1.7km)

  • Netto 
  • Kvickly
  • Irma


Both Kirkeskoven and Rude skov are a 5-10 min walk from Skovlyporten. Kirkeskoven is a small forest where it is possible to take your dog off its leash. It is also possible to follow a short hiking route, Søllerødturen. This small route is 3.2 km. (https://oplev.rudersdal.dk/Sollerodturen

Rude skov presents opportunities for longer trips and it is also possible to use the mountainbike and horse trails. It is also in this forest that the most well-known mountainbike trail in Denmark can be found. The route of 10 km has achieved international status due to its technical difficulty and many height differences.

You can also follow the Lysløjpe for a nice evening walk. It is 2.5 km long and runs through a hilly terrain in the southern part of the forest. The path starts at Rudegaard Stadion, and in the winter it is lit by 239 small lamps. The lamps are lit at 15-22. (https://naturstyrelsen.dk/naturoplevelser/naturguider/rude-skov/aktiviteter/


Mariehøj Kulturhus is situated close to the highway. It offers many different opportunities for both kids and adults. The space is owned by the citizens and it is therefore possible to loan/rent rooms – or you can just swing by and take a look at the art.

If the weather is nice, it is possible to loan/rent equipment for outdoors activities – minigolf, petanque, table tennis and basketball are all examples of this. You can also buy the best burger in town at OG burger. (https://mariehoej.rudersdal.dk/


The highway (Helsingørmotorvejen) is easily found 2.5 km away from Skovlyporten. From there it is only 20 short minutes by car into the city.

Holte Midtpunkt

Holte Midtpunkt is the heart of Holte and it is a small cozy mall with a variety of shopping opportunities. Besides this you will also find different bakeries, restaurants, a pharmacy and fitness centres (https://holtemidtpunkt.dk/butikker/).

Just outside Holte Midtpunkt you’ll find a lot of other stores as well.