I have problems with my power, toilet, etc. – who do I contact?

Carsten, our inspector, can help you with problems concerning power and plumbing. He can be contacted by phone at 27 78 38 57 . If you have an emergency problem during evenings, weekends or holidays, we have an emergency 24-hour service. They can be contacted by phone 42 70 70 30. Only use this number, if you can’t wait until Carsten is back in the office.

Ew ew ew, there’s a rat! Do something about it, NOW!

If you see rats running around, there are 2 things we ask of you. The first thing is to contact Carsten, so he knows that there are rats. The other thing is to contact the muncipality through this link: www.rudersdal.dk/rotter – you can digitally report rat-sightings, and they will make sure to send an exterminator to handle the rat-problem.