Student Accommodations in Beautiful Surroundings.

Skovlyporten consists of student accomodations, recently renovated in 2022-2024, and they are positioned in Holte. Skovlyporten has a total of 141 accomodations with kitchen and bathroom. Furthermore 48 of the accommodations have a private garden. The accommodations range from one to three-bedroom apartments.

Dogs, indoor cats and kids are all welcome at Skovlyporten. Residents have access to a laundry room, party facilities, parking and a playground.

Skovlyporten is placed in Holte in close proximity to plenty of forests, i.e. Rude skov and Kirkeskoven (where dogs can be left off their leash). Bus 190 provides a direct commute to DTU, which only takes about 23 minutes. Otherwise Holte station is only approximately 2 km away (where it is possible to take the S-train).

Plenty of the accommodations at Skovlyporten are possible to share, both in couples, families and roommates. The accommodations can be rented through UBS-Bolig, where an administrator is associated. Since Skovlyporten consists of student accommodations, documentation for active studies is necessary for at least one of the residents in an apartment.

The address is Skovlyporten, 2840 Holte.