Sorting Garbage

Skovlyporten follows to garbage sorting rules of Rudersdal. The specific rules can be found here.

Household waste can be disposed of in the normal garbage containers on one side of the annex in: 1B, 2, 4, 7, 9 and 11. Trash bags should closed thouroughly and all trash must be placed in the containers. All containers should be emptied for liquids prior to being thrown out.

Glass, metal, cardboard, paper and plastic should be disposed of in separate containers outside of some of the trash rooms (building 1B, 7 and 10). If you are in doubt on how to sort, please consult this guide.

Bulky waste should always be disposed of in the container inside the locked courtyard (you have been issued a key that works for this lock along with the laundry room and storage space). This is placed by the parking lot next to Rudersdalsvej. Please make sure that your trash is placed inside the enclosure. We have a small mailbox inside the enclosure for batteries, please dispose of these here in plastic containers.

Chemicals and such should be handed in at the recycling station in Birkerød or Nærum.